Top 10 VMware VMworld 2009 Videos

Finally back home :). Don’t get me wrong Cannes was great, though nothing like being back home.

OK for people who did not get to join us in Cannes, I had for them a free ticket for the replay :).

I wish I could afford to give our visitors a VMworld pass for free, but I have not been making that much money yet. Here I will make up for the tickets, by sharing with you the links for the top 10 VMware VMworld 2009 Vids including the CEO Keynotes & the closing :). So you will feel like you were there with us. Below are the long waited links :).

VMware VMworld 2009 General Keynotes Videos

VMware VMworld 2009 Keynotes & General Labs Vids

VMware VMworld Europe 2009 Community Videos

I hope that give you a nice close look at what happened at VMworld as a video is much better than a 1,000,000 word. LOL, yeah I know the original version, but this is my new one.

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