My first week as a System Engineer at VMware

For those who know me closely have already heard the news, for those who did not then yes I have just started to carry the VMware badge beginning of this month. Hmmm, I have started holding the VMware badge virtually I guess as I have not been handed that yet, but I have started as a VMware employee beginning of this month. My experience with the team has been great so far. Every one is interested in helping me adjust to the new role.

I have notice though that the time has started to slip faster after joining VMware. It reminded me of how the virtual machines time start slipping if you don’t sync the ESX host with an NTP server or the hardware clock. Although I had started being slowly involved with customers, most of my first week was trying to get used to the system. I did not expect to ever has as many systems that I have to get used to inside VMware. Though its for the good of every one they have systematized almost everything. Further, I have been granted with a great lab access that I have not yet used as much I would like to though I am sure I will in the soon future.

I just though to give every one an update on where I have been hiding for the past two weeks. Wish me luck!!!


  1. Congrats!

  2. Thanks Saeed :).

  3. TechStriker says

    HI Eiad,

    Congrats good job.

  4. Thanks TechStriker.

  5. Keep Rocking !!!

    Hope you have a great one ahead!!

    All The Very Best 🙂

  6. Thanks Qutub, & wish you all the best bro.

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