MS Hyper-V Crashes under heavy load

This video is just what the title said, MS Hyper-V Crashes under heavy load. Watch out what a mess you are planning to go into!!!!!

I expect to see too many comments on this one, don’t get me disappointed :).


  1. Mahmoud Magdy says

    you have to apply that fix:

  2. Virtualized1970 says

    Thanks for the reply Mahmoud, although the original video was not generated by our team, the setup where we had tried to regenerate this situation on had this hot fix installed, but still affected by the restart problem. I think we just got to wait to see another hotfix or SP before this problem resolved as our test server is fully updated.

  3. Mahmoud Magdy says

    I had this before but the hotfix fixed it, can I know how many VM you are running and your server configs.

  4. Virtualized1970 says

    Its actually a testing server which I had created just to test the scenario. The server have 2 X Quad Core CPUs & 16 GB of RAM. The server start crashing usually when 18+ virtual machines run on it. Please note the load generated is using VMMark as I can’t generate much manually with my small testing environment. This server we had obtained for another implementation & I thought I will test the things on it for a while. I will only have the setup for another 48 hour, so if you have any suggestions by then I can test them out & update you back.

  5. can’t see the vidoe

  6. virtualized1970 says

    Welcome aboard Archerfish. I am not sure the video seems to work just fine in here, though here is a direct link to the video on youtube


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