Microsoft Windows 2008 Hyper-V RTM Installation & Configuraiton step by step (Part 1).

As Hyper-V being the biggest fuzz in the Virtualization solutions today, thanks to the Microsoft marketing forces. They can generate the biggest noise about each product they produce. As a lot of people hearing the fuzz, but did not have the chance to discover Hyper-V, I have decided I will discover it and take every one with me in a Hyper-V Tour with explanation and snapshots. This discovery trip consist of 5 parts & Intro as below:

Intro: Introduction to Microsoft Windows 2008 Hyper-V RTM & Our Discovery Trip.
Part one: Microsoft Windows 2008 Hyper-V RTM Installation
Part Two: MS Hyper-V Virtual Networks Configuration & Hyper-V Server settings.
Part Three: MS Hyper-V Virtual Machine Creation.
Part Four: MS Hyper-V Virtual Machine Settings.
Part Five: Microsoft Hyper-V Snapshots Technology.

Bonus: Install SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 SP1 & Component Integration for Linux on Hyper-V

Part one: Microsoft Windows 2008 Hyper-V RTM Installation:

I guess most of you already heard that Hyper-V has already been released less than a week ago. That’s about 6 weeks a head of schedule. For those that did not, you just heard it. Ok that has been said, I have decided to discover MS Hyper-V and post my discovery trip on here.

What I had available at the time of testing was two IBM X3650 servers with a single processor dual core 2.33 and 2 GB of RAM. Luckly, I had a small DS3400 storage laying around, which I had plugged and was ready for the full run. Ok, enough about the hardware let’s start the installation. Below I will show you the installation process of Hyper-V step-by-step.

First step: You will need to install the Hyper-V role as showing in the images below

From start menu ==> Administrative Tools ==> Server Manager

microsoft windows 2008 start Windows Server Manager

As soon The Windows 2008 Server Manager open up it will look like the image below:

From the Left Panel click on roles to choose it as shown in the following snapshot

windows 2008 choosing roles from left panel

Then click “Add Roles” which will start up the “Add Roles Wizard”. From the “Add Roles Wizard” check mark the Hyper-V role as shown in the below snapshot:

windows 2008 adding hyper-v role

Hit Next and wait for the installation to finish up.

After installing Hyper-V make sure you visit Microsoft update website to download the Hyper-V update from RC to RTM. You need to update your version to RTM for it to be supported by Microsoft.

Yes, At this point Hyper-V installation is over. For Hyper-V configuration, interfaces, & further discovery Keep reading and move on to Part Two: MS Hyper-V Virtual Networks Configuration & Hyper-V Server settings.

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