Microsoft will not showcase Hyper-V at VMworld

For the second year, Microsoft will not bring their Hyper-V to VMworld as per The fun part behind it Microsoft claim that VMware does not allow competing products to be shown in VMworld, where VMware deny that. To make the argument more fun, Citrix will be presenting their Xen Desktop in VMworld which compete directly with VMware View. I don’t want to come with a final conclusion about the reason why Microsoft will now bring Hyper-V to VMworld & will leave that for you to research.  Though I thought to share with you the news, so you don’t expect to see Hyper-V in VMworld this year.

Though Microsoft will not totally be absence from VMworld, they will be having a booth where they will be showing Microsoft Windows Azure (operating system for the cloud) and a self-service portal toolkit that helps customers build private clouds (the product is known as System Center Virtual Machine Manager Self-Service Portal and will be generally available by the end of October).

I have noticed lately that Microsoft are really putting more effort to push Windows Azure than Hyper-V. It make me wonder, if that one day will replace Hyper-V. I know that Hyper-V and Windows Azure are totally a different kind of technology, but it seems to me Windows Azure is the new hype Microsoft is trying to push into the cloud and virtualization market. Not to forget that Azure is some how utilize a part of the Hyper-V Hypervisor code.  Any thoughts!!!


  1. Hyper-V and Azure are distinct in that Hyper-V would be used in enterprises where Microsoft already has a large presence (in terms of Server OS’s.). Azure cannot be run from other Data Centers, only Microsoft Data centers (as claimed by the Azure website). Therefore, with business relationships already established, Hyper-V will obviously extend to third party Tier I-IV data centers already running Microsoft products.

  2. Hi Victor,

    Thanks for the good info, though I have a gut feeling that Microsoft will release the Windows Azure to their customers to use in their datacenter in the future.

    I mean Microsoft are talking about private clouds at the moment, which if Azure will be the platform then Azure will be heading to MS Customers datacenters. The question that drop in my mind due to that. Will this lead to replacing Hyper-V in the customers datacenter in the future? It will be nice to hear their road map on this.


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