KFH is another VMware great success story in EMEA

I can hear many people wonder what makes me write about KFH (Kuwait Finance House) virtualization story. Further, why now although I had conducted virtualization projects in there over the past three years. The idea has actually crossed my mind only after one of my colleagues passed by me today in office & mentioned that KFH Virtualization story is all over the media for the past week. I thought then to share their success and point out few of these news articles on my blog. You will find quite few of the news media articled linked to in my post below.

Before I mention Kuwait Finance House Virtualization story its important to mention that Kuwait Finance House (KFH) is a pioneer of the banking phenomenon known as Islamic Finance or Shari’a compliant banking. They were the first Islamic bank established in the State of Kuwait and today we are one of the foremost Islamic Financial Institutions in the world.

Before I give you the links to the news, I just thought to mention that KFH (Kuwait Finance House) has been one of the great virtualization success stories in the region. They have virtualized most of their IT Infrastructure based on VMware. I have been consulting them & help them implement their infrastructure during the full process. It took a good effort and great support of their management to achieve an almost fully virtualized & effective datacenter with over 400 VMs distribute across their datacenters building one of the largest virtualization farms in the Middle East.

Below are few links to news articles that has been circulating about Kuwait Finance House utilizing VMware widely in their IT Infrastructure:

English Articles:

Al-Hassawi: KFH one of pioneers in region in applying Virtualization technology @  Zawaya

Al-Hassawi: KFH one of pioneers in region in applying Virtualization technology @ Menafn

Arabic Articles:

بيتك» يطبق تقنية البيئة الافتراضية Virtualization العالمية @ alnwady

من المؤسسات الأولى التي تطبِّقها في المنطقة على نطاق واسع Virtualization الحساوي: بيتك يطبِّق تقنية البيئة الافتراضية @ Aljarida

الحساوي: «بيتك» يطبّق تقنية البيئة الافتراضية العالمية @ Alrai News Paper

بيتك» يطبق تقنية البيئة الافتراضية العالمية @ Alqabas News Paper

بيتك» يطبق تقنية البيئة الافتراضية العالمية @ Alwatan News Paper

It seems the news of Kuwait Finance House virtualization using VMware success stories has filled all the local news papers. It makes me quite proud being one of the main players in consulting & implementing such a project though I should not forget all the great IT Team & Management at Kuwait Finance House, My Team at Gulf Business Machines, & the local VMware team. Similar success stories make me feel glad being a part of the Virtualization Story.

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