How-To: mount Windows Share under VMware ESX Service Console

Have you ever wanted to transfer files & ISO between your windows Machine & your ESX Server Service Console?

This come to be handy when you want to keep your Operating systems & other software ISOs on the storage, so you can use them for virtual machine installation & configuration for later time. Did you know installing a vmware machine from an ISO on storage usually take less than half the time if you were using a real media CD.

To achieve this goal you have two methods. Either you make Windows share accessible to the Service Console as illustrated in the following article how to mount windows share under vmware esx .

The second method is to share your NFS partition from the service console and mount it under windows. This can be achieved as well as illustrated in the following article Using Windows-based NFS in VI3.

I hope this was helpful to everyone.


  1. Thanks, this article saved me a lot of time!

  2. Hi Dartpfeile,

    I am glad my article was able to help & hope you will keep coming for more 🙂


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