Congrats to all 2010 VMware vExperts

I know I am late on this one, but as many of you have noticed I have not got a chance to blog much lately. As I have been traveling for training between London & Budapest with a very limited internet access & a very busy schedule for the past month. I am actually still in Budapest at the moment, but I thought I must Congrats all the 2010 vExperts announced by VMware last week. I would like to thank every one who has helped vExpert award to continue in 2010 (Specially John Troyer).

Ok, so what is the big news. Well, I am quite proud that I have been awarded the status of vExpert for the first time. I have received an e-mail few days back from John Troyer informing me that I have been awarded a vExpert status for 2010. I am really excited of the award & I will do my best to continue my contribution to the community.

I would like to send a big thank you to Deepak Narin from VMware Dubai , as without him I would never got awarded. I had been blogging for over 3 years, but my blog had never revealed my name & info for the first two years. Deepak has noticed that & recommended I share my info on my blog, & thanks to his advice as I started getting recognized for my work. If you have not been awarded a vExpert for this year, & your blog does not reveal your info you might want to change that right away.

I wish every one a great success for 2010, & for those who did not get to be elected for 2010 vExperts good luck on 2011 & you should have a look at: John Troyer post VMware Expert 2010. It includes many information on how to improve your chances to be elected as VMware Expert 2011.

My last note to VMware, I was wondering why there is no list of vExperts on their website. I think that will help avoid people claiming the status without having it & help us prove that we have the status & not bluffing it. Ah I know our VMware community account show VE next to it, but how easy to put that in the management head. I think having a list will be a nice way to show the recognition to management. The second thing a community list, where all vExperts can communicate will be of a great help to the community. Just my two cents.

Oooops, I now need to rush back to the Planet.

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