A wonderful gift from VMware

I just read some good news:
Paul Maritz, CEO of VMware, has announced the availability of VMware ESXi for free.

For the record, ESXi is the super-light version of the leading hypervisor. It features:

– operating system independence;
– 15-minute installation (215 MB on a bootable CD);
– only 32 MB Used when installed, and leaves the rest to the VM , and
– remote management.

I tested this version out, and I must say that I only regretted two things:
1) Its method of distribution – either OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or purchased online. In an administration with servers provided on long-standing specifications, adding an OEM or purchasing directly by credit card is not that easy. By making it free, VMware gives us a wonderful gift!
2) The admin client is available only with Windows (other tools are available with Linux).

Of course, the goal is to occupy the field; they’re not fooling anybody.

But, it doesn’t take away from the fact that VMware products, in addition to being “hyper” quality, “hyper” solid and “hyper” practical, are also very accessible for low-end versions.
In short, I’m staying with VMware.

A big thanks to Francois for providing inspiration for this article.

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