VKernel was acquired by Quest

It seems the acquisition heat that has been spread like anything into the Virtualization space has got to VKernel this time. VKernel has announced acquisition by Quest Software (NASDQ: QSFT) last week on Wednesday, November 16, 2011. If you all remember Quest has acquired another one of my favorite Virtualization software company (VizionCore) on December 2008. It seems Quest has discovered the importance of their presence in the Virtualization Market, & I can admit they seems are doing the right acquisitions to extend their solutions to customers & areas that were out of reach before the Acquisition of such companies.

The good part of the Acquisition, that VKernel will still be allowed to operate independently, & their customers will not have to miss their great products as they will continue working on the same product lines. Though VKernel will now have a larger marketing and financial ability behind them, which should improve their chances of growth and success. The good part for VKernel existing customers nothing will change and they will still get their support the same way they always did. One thing I hope VKernel keep doing & they were really good at is to continue providing great free management tools for the SMB who can not afford such a product or who need a product to survive with till their next buying cycle. Actually it was a great strategy for them to get into all these SMBs who did not have the initial budget at the initial purchase time. I hope becoming a part of a much larger company will not affect their ability to release a free great utility every now and then. Good luck to our friends at VKernel.

For those who care to real the full announcement it can be found at: http://www.vkernel.com/reader/items/vkernel-to-accelerate-growth-with-quests-backing

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