VMX Builder for VMware Player

Are you wondering how to create VMware Configuration Files for VMware Player, Then read below:

Sanbarrow.com has a simple configurator for VMware configuration files.

With Sanbarrow batch script it is very fast and easy to create a new configuration file for use in VMware player.

You can find more details here: Sanbarrow.com VMX Builder


  1. Your link to sanbarrow.com VMX builder will give you some crazy results. I would check your link out. Maybe take the cr@p out and make it http://sanbarrow.com/vmxbuilder.html

    Not sure what you are trying to accomplish with all the coded link (

    but it produces junk links with http://translate.google.com/

  2. Thanks Michael for the note. I have just fixed the link :).

  3. Instalei o VMX Builder versão 9.12 no windows server 2008, mas quando acesso apos escolhe o local e nome do VM , RUN_TIME ERRO 372 , falied ‘ucMemory’.
    Alguem saber como resolver este erro ja tentei muita dica mas não resolve.

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