vCloud Director & vShield Edge / App / End Point Compatibility.

I am still no vCloud expert at the moment, although I am learning my way through. This post will not cover how to carry out the installation of vShield or vCloud Director. I am just planning to bring the message of these products being compatible together. if what you are looking for is the instruction of installing them or integrating them together, you might want to visit my Colleague Hany Micheal blog at The reason I am putting this brief post here, there  is too much of confusion if vCloud Director is compatible with the different vShields products.

The answer for that is yes vCloud Director is compatible with vShield Edge, vShield App, & vShield EndPoint. Its worth mentioning though the integration with vShield App & vShield EndPoint still need some polishing, but they should get that in the next vCloud Director release.

I hope this help anyone planning to figure out if he can integrate vShield in their vCloud Director Environment. It took me a while to confirm if all of them is compatible with vCloud Director.

If any of you vCloud Director Experts read this, and have a different input on this please share it in the comment area.


  1. That addersses several of my concerns actually.

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