Free VMware vCloud Director Video Training

Cloud Computing has been picking up for the past few year, and it seems to catch up with the way virtualization has been spreading up. VMware has been one of the leading companies enabling both public and private clouds. One of the main products helping our customers build their own Infrastructure As A Service Cloud or as many call it IAAS is vCloud Director. vCloud Director has added an extra abstract layer over virtualization & quite few terminologies that many customers are still not aware of and can get initially confused by it. For that VMware has released a series of videos that will help you pickup on vCloud Director quickly. Don’t miss them out they are really worth watching out & over all its free! These videos can be found at the following link: or for your convenience I have included them in this blog post below:
1- Learn vCloud Director Concepts and Architecture in the below video:

2- Installing vCloud Director 1.5 Video



3- Creating Provider Resources in vCloud Director


4- Creating Organizations in vCloud Director

5- Creating Organization Resources Part 1 in vCloud Director

6- Creating Organization Resources Part 2 in vCloud Director

7- Creating and Populating Catalogs in vCD

8- Building a vApp in vCloud Director

9-Creating vShield Edge Firewall Rules

10- Creating Site-to-Site VPNs

11- Creating Static Routes. This video discusses static routes with vShield Edge, sometimes we need to pre-define traffic between two sites.

12- Viewing Cloud Resources. This video discusses viewing vCloud resources and modifying properties for Provider vDCs.

13- Viewing vSphere Resources in vCD.
This video discusses viewing vSphere resources, including vCenter server, datastores, hosts and other vSphere specific objects that may need to be managed through the cloud.

Hope you found these vCloud Director training videos useful. Please share your comments and feedback in the comment area below.


  1. Ahamed Musthafa says:

    Hi Eiad,

    I am not seeing any serial port support for VM. Is there a serial port support for a VM in vCloud Director 5.5? If no, any other ways to achieve this?


  2. Hi Ahamed,

    I don’t see you being able to do that from the vCD interfrace, but have you tried something like Serial port over ethernet?


  3. Ahamed Musthafa says:

    Hi Eiad,

    Thanks for the reply. I did not tried it. Is there a possibility in vCD to use ethernet port as serial port. I don’t have any experience with it. Can you help me how to do that? Thanks in advance.


  4. Hi Ahamed,

    Actually such a solution is usually done by installing a software that can deliver serial port capabilities over Ethernet, it does not depend on vCD capabilities and nothing special in regards of virtualization but the software you end up using and your use case. Just for an example of such solution, you can check out Please note there is ton of other solutions out there and you will need to find the one that fit you if this solution work for what you are trying to achieve.


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