Architecting Kubernetes as-a-Service Offering with VMware Cloud Director White Paper

Delivering K8s as a Service had been a popular ask by many of our VMware Cloud Providers lately, where many has already started their journey with such offering, others are still looking where to start. We have been working closely with many of our providers to bring their K8s as a Service to market with great success.

VMware Cloud Providers who are approaching their Kubernetes as a Service offering often had the following questions on their mind:

  • How can they build a solid Kubernetes as-a-Service offering based on VMware Tanzu?
  • How can they spread their K8s as a Service installation across multiple sites /Availability Zones to provider redundancy? How to create a multi-site K8s deployment for a Service Provider?
  • What components are required to build a cloud provider ready Kubernetes as a Service offering?
  • What to build a scalable architecture of Tanzu as a Service that fit a cloud provider would look like?
  • What minimum versions of each component should they use to build their Kubernetes Cloud Offering?
  • How to figure out their Kubernetes as a Service costing & the cost of their offering?
  • How to meter customer Tanzu & K8s usage/charges?

Luckily my colleagues @ShadyMalatawey has written a reference architecture for Kubernetes as a Service based on Tanzu being served by Container Service Extension (CSE) / VMware Cloud Director (VCD) detailing the answers to this and many more. You can find his white paper at:

Kubernetes as a Service with Tanzu, VCD, CSE and how to deploy across datacenters/availability zones reference architecture

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