Application Director unable to login to cloud provider

I was delivering an engagement lately where I had to integrate VMware Application Director with vCloud Automation Center 6.0.  I have got to the stage where I needed to connect App Director to a Cloud provider.

Although I was certain, I have entered the correct information on the New Cloud Provider screen as shown below, I kept getting the following error: “Could not connect to the Cloud Provider at https://vtvcaciaas Unable to login to cloud provider. Please verify the user credentials as well as other parameters you entered.”

vCAC fail to connect to Application Director

This error was quite frustrating, as I was sure I have provided the correct information as well verified it over a 100 time. After digging for an answer, I was surprised to know that the User Name here is case sensitive, so basically is not equal to I had to go back to my Active Directory Domain Controller, and search for the user and copy it case sensitive as is to this User Name field which in my case was “”. To my surprise this worked every time.

As most of us are used to none case sensitive user name, where every one knows by now password is case sensitive, I can see this same issue catching many others, and hope this help save you a bit of time :).

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