VCDX 100 Celebration Treats Just Arrived almost on time for Christmas!

While VCDXSanta has missed Christmas day this time, he still delivered my VCDX gift box today. To be more accurate VCDXSanta has left my VCDX gift box at FedEX office and requested me to pick it up. When I went to the VCDX office I had no clue what the package I got and they refused to share any information about it with me on the phone. I was actually surprised to see how large of a package I got knowing that I did not order anything that big lately. As soon I read the address on the package I was able to tell its my VCDX goodies & swapped my phone and took a picture of the package at the FedEX office which got them to give me a weird look as I had no clue what package I am expecting when I arrived there and now shooting a photo of the package. Below is a picture of the box before even picking it up!

VCDX 100 Celebration gift box

I know I have not been the first to receive the package or share what included in it on a blog, as there was a nice blog post at which show pictures of each of the items and detail descriptions. Though I still wanted to write my own post about for three reasons:

1- Thanks the full VCDX Certification/Marketing Team (Mark Brunstad, Melissa Tuite, Kathleen Tandy, Jill Liles, Carolynn Santos, Erik Ullanderson). Sorry if I missed anyone, but I know both teams had worked quite hard in getting this to our hands by Christmas!

2- I have order the non-alcoholic package, and wanted to share the difference between the two packages. Yes, being able to pick between Alcoholic and none Alcoholic package was a nice touch.

3- Share the news/reason behind these treats with my readers to encourage more brave souls to attempt the VCDX Certification. These treats were sent as a matter of celebrating the number of VCDX holders hitting the 100 mark. This seems to be an important mark to both the certification and marketing team at VMware, & I can see the VCDX Certificate getting more attraction in the near future.

Although when I chose the non-alcoholic package I was thinking the gift will be a quite expensive alcoholic drink and by switching to a none alcoholic I thought I will get that replaced with something that I can keep rather than something to drink and forget about next morning. I was surprised when the package arrive that it included a lot of stuff and the alcoholic part was much smaller part of the package and in the non-alcoholic package the only difference was the replacement of the 6-pack of VCDX Special Ale was replaced by 6-pack of VCDX 100 root Beer. Lol, at least I will drink these and will not forget that I drank them in the morning! Though I can not complain as the package had a lot of nice gadgets in it and one of them was on my Santa Wish List for the year, where no one guessed it(HD Camcorder but with my VCDX number in there its just priceless!).

While what is in the package is very similar to the alcoholic one, below is a list of all the items included in the package and few pictures. I tried to keep the list wording very similar to the one posted at to ensure people can easily compare the two lists. Though I swapped anything to related to drinking to the end of the list.

1x Solid vase, with VCDX logo, my name, and my cert number etched into the base
1 x Leeman Binder, with VCDX logo embossed, along with my initials
1 x Fleece Jacket, embossed with VCDX logo, and my certification number embroidered on it
1 x Polo shirt, with VCDX logo embroidered on.
1 x HD Camcorder with my VCDX number right on it(Christmas Wish List!)
1 x VCDX Logo cooler (with bottle opener attached)
2 x VCDX logo beer glasses
1 x 6-pack of VCDX 100 Root Beer



At last, I would like to thank the full VCDX team and VCDX holders for making this possible. I encourage those brave souls out there who think they got what it take to be a VCDX, to start their VCDX journey today and reserve their seat(Magical number!).

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