VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager Service failed to start

While installing VMware SRM 5.0.3 at a customer site, both nodes installations have given me the following error right before the installation completion:

Failed to start service.

VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager Service failed to start.
Check that all required Windows services are running. View the server log for more information.

Press Retry to try again or press Cancel to exit installation.

For those of you who want to see the actual error as it show on screen, below is a screenshot of the error:

SRM Service failed to start error

It turned out the solution is really simple, just change the VMware Site Recovery Manager Service in Windows Service Manager to use the domain service account you used during the SRM installation rather than the local account and then try to start the service again. The service should start up and you should be able to hit the retry button on the installation wizard where the installation of Site Recovery Manager complete successfully after.

I am not sure for whatever reason during VMware SRM setup, the VMware Site Recovery Manager service got installed using local system rather than the service account entered during the installation. I thought to share this quick fix with anyone tumbling through it.


  1. Still had this error in 5.5.1! Beware! Thanks for the fix however!

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