Vizioncore vRanger (Previously ESXRanger) Quiescing & VSS Setting for non-database Virtual Machines:

This post is the second part of the “Vizioncore vRanger Quiescing & VSS Setting for image backup of Virtual Machines.” to start from the beginning of the series please start at: Vizioncore VRanger (Previously ESXRanger) Quiescing & VSS Recommended Settings. Or if you are looking for the recommendation for virtual machines which run a database application then check out the second part of this series:Vizioncore vRanger (Previously ESXRanger) Quiescing & VSS Setting for database Virtual Machines. If how to setup Vizioncore vRanger Quiescing & VSS for none database virtual machines is your aim, then you are at the correct part of this series.

As mentioned earlier, for non-database virtual machines enabling Quiescing is recommend to get a file system level consistent images. In addition, VSS is not required for non-database servers backup. As that backup can go over SAN using VCB, or over LAN using vRanger directly below is the required changes for both cases:

Over LAN:

To enable Quiescing for vRanger backup which is done over LAN you will have to remove the check mark “Disable Guest Quiescing”

Vizioncore vRanger ensable quiescing

Using VCB:

As VCB has Quiescing enabled by default, and not affected by the “Disable Guest Quiescing setting in vRanger you have nothing to do assuming that the Filesystem Sync Driver which installed as a part of VMware Tools by default is installed on the VM you want to backup.


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