SRM Error: XmlValidateException Element SourceDevice is not vaild for content model: Source Device.

While setting up vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.0.3 with NetAPP 6290 filer,  & in particular at the stage where I try to enable the array pair and after I fixed the timeout error I have documented in the following post: SRM Time Out (300 seconds) while waiting for SRA to complete discoverDevice Command, I have faced this error:

Internal error: std::exception ‘class Dr::Xml::XmlValidateException’ “Element ‘SourceDevices’ is not valid for content model: ‘(SourceDevice,)”‘.

A screen capture of the error is below:


SRM NetApp 6290 element SourceDevice is not valid for content model

After a bit of digging I have found out that is a well known NetApp SRA 2.0.1 bug which is documentd here, and there is few possible workaround. Below I will document these workarounds, where you can take the most feasible option for your environment.

1- Revert back to NetApp SRA 2.0.0 as that does not suffer the same problem. This bug only seems to affect NetApp SRA 2.0.1 not 2.0.0. This is actually the solution I went with as it required the least amount of work and maintenance going forward.

2- Download and install NetApp SRA Patch 2.0.1P2. This patch does not seems to be generally available and you will have to request it from NetApp support or digg for it into the NetApp support portal. Below is a screen capture of where to get it hoping it will help you find it.

NetApp SRM SRA 2.0.1P2

Note: I have not seen NetApp SRA 2.0.1P2 mention any where on VMware site nor VMware Interoperability matrix which could limit it support to NetApp.

3- Fill up the Exclude list or Include list, which ever one seems shorter and easier to fill in your environment.

Any of the above solutions seems to do the trick, but we have decided to go with the first one to ensure having a fully supported setup and the least amount of maintenance going forward. Hope this help.

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